The truth about dog theft

"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on it's shoes."

I’m seeing lots of stories about dog theft and whilst every one of them is traumatising for the owners it’s also right that we need to be realistic and, to a degree, allay fears.

First the bad news.

Dog theft has increased significantly during coronavirus (largely as a result of people being at home and being willing to pay 300 to 400% the normal price of puppies).

According to the BBC Leicestershire is one of the worst affected forces for dog theft, and undoubtedly breeders and kennels are at risk.

But for most of us dog theft thankfully remains relatively rare (in the first 7 months of 2020 the rate increased in the county from 22 cases to 41).

And indeed puppy smuggling from the EU is in all likelihood a much more attractive source for ruthless ‘breeders’ to source your exorbitantly priced puppy than as a result of theft.

Of course social media is never the source of accurate information but more about heightening the fear of something.

Yes, dog thefts have risen but there aren’t countless thieves roaming around out there under cover of darkness to steal your pet.

Do everything sensible with your dog, keep your garden gate shut, get a Ring doorbell etc. and the chances are you and your dog will be fine.

Of course this post isn’t going to get shared at all because it doesn’t say burglars are hiding in your shed. Sadly the ones that increase fear get shared thousands of times.

And the worries for most increase.


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